In 2018 Apple will introduce three new iPhone, the exact name of which is still unknown. Some publications believe that they will be called iPhone 9, iPhone iPhone XS and XS Plus. Others confirm these rumors, but we are confident that the budget model will be called the iPhone XC, and the cost is not so low.

According to SlashGear, the prefix with the letter “C” would mean not “cheap” (eng. cheap), and “colorful” (eng. color). Investment Bank Goldman Sachs had previously announced that the iPhone will be XC 849. It’s a decent amount, given that the price of the iPhone 5c at the start of sales was equal to 549 dollars.

There are many color options of the case hint leaked online photos. They were sealed, not draft versions of the case, and prototypes of future devices. The design of the iPhone XC can be considered confirmed, as the presence of two slots for sim-cards. It should be noted that the dual SIM variant can be exclusive to China.

What do you think, will scare away buyers in the estimated price iPhone Xc? An opinion can be expressed in our Telegram chat.


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