At least one iPhone the 2018 model year can get the name of iPhone XI (11). It follows from the materials of the website of the French retailer Mobile24 started making an entire section devoted to accessories for the smartphone with this name.

According Mobile24, under the name of iPhone XI should get a 6.1-inch model, also known as the iPhone 9 or iPhone XC. While other models on the retailer’s website called exactly as predicted by industry sources: iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

As will be called the new iPhone?

Despite the credibility of insiders that provided information about the names of future smartphones and logic, they traced the name iPhone XI looks more harmonious than the iPhone XC, largely conforming to the canons of naming, given once Apple.

iPhone 9, or iPhone IX

Given the abundance of theories regarding the names of the new iPhone, it is very strange that no one is considering the option of iPhone IX (9). In my opinion using Roman nine in the title 6.1-inch device, Apple will maintain the continuity of the models, not abandoning the harping of the “X”symbol.

Presentation at which Apple will unveil new iPhone on 12 September. In addition to the three models of smartphones, is expected to release the updated line of iPad Pro with a minimum of framework and the support Face ID, Apple Watch fourth generation and affordable MacBook with a screen diagonal of 13 inches.


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