One of the most common versions of this year Apple had to completely abandon the use of LCD screens. However, today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal reported that the transition to OLED matrix may be delayed for another year and happen simultaneously with the release of iPhone 2020 model year.

In favor of the fact that this year, the cupertinos will continue to equip their smartphones LCD screens, said the fact that Japan Display is still looking for a major investor, which will help to upgrade the manufacturing facilities for production of OLED screens. Meantime, the company will continue to supply Apple with LCD-matrix.

The latter, most likely, will be used only in the updated iPhone XR. It is expected that he will be the last Apple smartphone with LCD screen. In the future, the cupertinos will be OLED or even microLED displays, the development of which the company is engaged in the first year.

The analysts note that today, many large producers of matrices for mobile devices are in a rather difficult position. Until recently, Apple purchased the LCD screens in large quantities. But after the relatively low sales of the iPhone XR and translation of other Apple smartphones on the OLED, the manufacturers are reporting a noticeable drop in profits. For this reason, companies such as Japan Display, is actively looking for major investors and begin to refit their plants.


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