But the official price has not changed.

iPhone XR on sale less than two weeks ago, but already seriously depreciated. Many online stores Russia a new 6.1-inch Apple smartphone can be purchased for 58 thousand rubles instead of the official 65 thousand rubles. It is expected that in the next few weeks the price of a smartphone will fall even lower.

Russian authorized retailers that sell officially destined for Russia smartphones at the moment do not want to cut the iPhone’s price XR. The maximum that can be offered to the buyers a small discount when you pay online or case as a gift.

But smaller online shops selling “gray” iPhone XR, which are imported into Russia from other countries, try to attract buyers with a price. XR price iPhone with 64 GB of memory has dropped by 8 thousand rubles, and the decline continues. Given that the foreign version of the iPhone XR are free to work with the Russian operators, many buyers choose the “gray” model of the smartphone.

It is projected that in the next few weeks the price of the “grey” iPhone XR will continue to decline. With the official “white” iPhone XR no certainty there. Large stores can make a discount on the smartphone before the end of 2018, but what happens with the prices for a novelty in early 2019 while to assume difficult. The fact that from 1 January 2019 in Russia will be officially increased the VAT rate from 18% to 20%. Previously, experts have warned that because of this, the price of smartphones, not only iPhone, will have to increase.


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