Official sales of the iPhone Xr was launched only a couple of days ago, and experts iFixit have already completely disassembled the new Apple smartphone, and evaluate its maintainability.

In General, experts note that the layout and internal design of the iPhone Xr is something of a cross between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. for Example, from the group of eight 6.1-inch Apple smartphone has a rectangular battery. We will remind, on iPhone X, iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max and the battery is L-shaped and consists of two cells.

Another feature of the iPhone Xr is a modular slot for a SIM card, which is no longer part of the motherboard. According to experts iFixit, it should speed up the procedure of replacement of this component and to reduce the cost of repairs.

The experts also noted the new induction coil for wireless charging. Due to slightly changing the shape and profile of this component, the smartphone needs to charge a bit faster and with less to bask in the charging process.

As for maintainability, iPhone Xr got high enough score – 6 out of 10 on iFixit’s scale. The experts said that the biggest problem when disassembling a 6.1-inch device is delivered front and rear glass, as they can be easily damaged.


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