Judging by the reviews, today many users consider the iPhone Xr not the most successful device, calling iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max more interesting. However, as shown by the first survey, a 6.1-inch device is not too far behind from the more expensive counterparts. And in some cases iPhone Xr and is ahead of Apple’s new flagships.

Recall that all three new iPhone built on the basis of the same processor – Apple A12. But in spite of this, a 6.1-inch smartphone ahead of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max in a variety of benchmarks. Yes, the difference in performance is small, but it is still there.


For example, in Geekbench the iPhone 4 is gaining Xr 4 818 points in single core test and 11 326 points in multicore. For comparison, results iPhone Xs Max 4 096 813 and 11 points, respectively. A similar situation is observed in the graphics benchmark 3DMark iPhone the Xr has slightly superior to the flagship model.

But that’s not all. iPhone Xr perfectly proved themselves in the test of autonomy. According to the data obtained, a 6.1-inch smartphone is currently the longest running of all the phones from Apple. Xr is superior to the iPhone Xs iPhone Max, iPhone Xs iPhone X and older models.


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