The new antenna will speed up the connection.

Apple will equip the iPhone XR 2019 antennas that support 4×4 MIMO through which the connection speed of mobile 4G networks will significantly increase compared to the original iPhone XR. Especially strongly the data transfer rate will be increased under conditions of weak signal. Speed connect iPhone XR 2019 will have to match the iPhone XS and XS Max iPhonethat have support MIMO 4×4.

The presence of the iPhone XR 2019 more antennas supporting MIMO 4×4 will allow the smartphone significantly faster to work in networks 4G. Increase connection speed can reach four times compared to the iPhone XR. The greatest effect from a larger number of antennas will be at a weak signal status.

Antenna MIMO 4×4 will not be totally new to Apple. iPhone XS iPhone XS Max equipped with antennas with MIMO 4×4, whereby smartphones are one of the fastest in LTE networks. The testing conducted by PCMag last fall, showed that the difference in connection speed between the iPhone iPhone XS and XR in a real environment reaches two times.

Information about one of the iPhone XR 2019 shared proven sources of Barclays. Thus, they further confirmed that Apple intends to release a new version of the iPhone XR in the fall.

Source: MR.


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