iPhone XS and XS is Max faster than other flagships even in the power saving mode

Terrific performance!

iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone is the fastest smartphone in the world. This is proven by a recent comparison of a “live” performance and testing benchmarks, including those conducted in our reviews. As it turned out today, and iPhone XS iPhone XS Max remain faster than the competition even when the power saving mode.

The giant touched the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max speed proved a new test for smartphones in the benchmark Geekbench 4. iPhone XS in the power saving mode in which performance is greatly reduced to conserve battery power, scored 8235 points in multi-core mode and single core in 3477. Similar indicators from iPhone XS Max — 8145 and 3460 points, respectively.

For comparison, the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note9 operating at full capacity, earned in the same 10204 tests and 3530 points, respectively. Thus, Galaxy Note9 lost new iPhone XS iPhone XS Max in single core mode, provided that the Apple smartphones were in power saving mode.

At the moment Galaxy Note9 is the fastest Android smartphone. It is therefore not surprising that other flagships indicators much worse. So, Xiaomi Mi 8 in single-core mode, and is earned only 2480 points, considerably less than the new iPhone in a power saving mode.

Of course, these test results do not mean that the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max needs to keep their smart phones in power saving mode. This need do not, as with the battery life of Apple’s flagship full order. However, many owners of the iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max will be pleased to know that their smartphone is faster than all others, even when you have activated the power saving mode.

Source: YouTube.

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