Rare Apple product go on sale, does not sin against violations of functionality and system problems. the iPhone 4 suffered from antennata, iPhone 5, and 7 from peeling paint, iPhone 6 bend like a tin can, and some iPhone 8 does out of the box came with a defective motherboard. This is probably why problems iPhone XS and XS Max that accumulate day by day like snowball, are perceived as something self-evident. And even crashing in their Bluetooth modules don’t seem to be something incredible.

As reported by some iPhone owners XS and XS Max on the official forum of Apple support in the process of exploitation of new products they had to deal with unintentional interruption of the connection to third party devices via Bluetooth. Most often, the failure manifests itself in the process of pairing the smartphone with the audio system of the car brands Kia, Audi, Subaru, Mercedes, but makes itself felt when trying to work on a remote connection with headphones and other wireless accessories.

Not working Bluetooth on iPhone. What to do

Known workarounds like restarting the smartphone, followed by removing the connection and re-install give only short-term results, say the users. “I have repeatedly tried to delete the pairing between your iPhone and car audio system, to correct the problem, connect them again and all worked — sometimes for hours, sometimes all day, but eventually the connection is again interrupted,” says user JetPilot.

This case is not the first in the history of iPhone and iOS. It is known that a similar failure was found in iOS 8, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2 and iOS 10, but every time manifested themselves in different ways, interrupting the already established connection, it is not allowing to install at all. In addition, in the first weeks after launch, some iPhone owners 7 have complained that they cannot connect the smartphone with the audio system of the BMW, regardless of model. Fortunately, all problems were promptly corrected by Apple.

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