The speed of the Internet has increased powerfully.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max iPhone iPhone X much faster speed on the Internet. The company SpeedSmart conducted the first speed test of the connection of the smartphones and has recorded an increase compared to the iPhone X by as much as 233%.

SpeedSmart experts have tested the connection speed of the iPhone Xs in the three leading operators in the United States: AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. On the AT&T average receive rate amounted to 72,24 MB/s. For comparison, the iPhone X in the same test had a download speed of 27.67 only Mbps.

The values for other operators was slightly less. Verizon iPhone Xs had an average speed 62,20 MB/s (to 26.08 Mbps iPhone X), and T-Mobile — 59,92 MB/s (29,82 Mbps iPhone X). Average speed of connection iPhone X on all the operators have made an impressive 233%.

Rate iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max was impressed, not so much. Average speed of transfer amounted to 16.77 Mbps. the iPhone X in the same test the speed of 11.43 Mbps.

One of the key improvements in the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max — supports Gigabit Class LTE technology with MIMO 4×4 and LAA. It standards support 4×4 MIMO provides the new Apple smartphones increased throughput. Note that leading Russian Telecom operators support LTE Gigabit Class.

Source: Twitter.


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