Good news for owners of smartphones.

New iPhone XS and XS iPhone Max passed yet another test. This time the experts Consumer Reports tested the autonomy of the devices and compared it with the autonomy of the X iPhone. The results of the test surprised — smartphones run on a single charge longer than Apple claims.

According to Consumer Reports, without recharging the iPhone XS lasted for 24.5 hours, and the larger iPhone XS Max 26 hours. For comparison, the autonomy of the iPhone X is 19.5 hours. For the tests the researchers used a special robot that mimics the use of a smartphone in real life. It opens web pages, making photos, using GPS and makes phone calls. The brightness of the screen set to 100% and does not change.

To the leader in terms of autonomy, the Samsung Galaxy Note9, both models do not hold. Partly the reason is the very slow charging. From 0 to 100% iPhone XS is charging for 195 minutes, iPhone XS Max for 210 minutes, and the Korean flagship, in just 105 minutes.

Consumer Reports also praised the camera and the performance of the new iPhone. The device is slightly better take photos and shoot video, and quickly process user requests. However, the difference with the iPhone and Galaxy X Note9 not as big as you would expect.

Source: Consumer Reports


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