What was to be expected.

Case iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone covered with panels of tempered safety glass. Despite the protective properties of the glass remain fragile and drop arm them to survive will fail. This was proved by the specialists of the company SquareTrade, which conducted a series of crash tests new iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

Drop iPhone XS iPhone XS Max height of about one meter onto a hard surface leads to the fact that the glass enclosures smartphone much crack. In addition, there is a chance that the device completely fails.

In your testing staff SquareTrade dropped the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max height 1.8 meters onto a hard surface. Both smartphones have failed to survive even one fall. Their glass casing was cracked, and extremely noticeable. During crash tests fixed the same breakage, as when falling on the back surface and the front.

If the iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max will come into contact with a solid surface edge, then in this case chances of survival much greater. Steel frame firmly can withstand a fall even from a height of 1.8 metres.

Therefore, the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max is better not to drop. This is quite obvious conclusion could be drawn without the need to conduct crash tests, since we are talking about glass. Whatever protective properties it was not, the glass is always glass. Therefore, the owners of iPhone and iPhone XS XS Max it is recommended to use protective covers or simply how to be more careful with their expensive smartphones.

The iPhone XS iPhone XS Max in Russia is scheduled for September 28.

Source: YouTube.


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