What smartphone is the fastest? The question is removed.

iPhone XS and XS iPhone Max once again proved its title as the fastest smartphone in the world. In the last comparison of “live” speed iPhone Max XS with a more than comfortable margin ahead of the best Android smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Google Pixel 3 XL.

Experts PhoneBuff conducted a comparison of the actual speed of the iPhone XS Max, Galaxy and Pixel Note9 3 XL. On all smartphones alternately run the same set representative of normal user tasks. Testing included opening most used apps, and then re-run to assess the capabilities of smartphones for the storage of already open apps in memory.

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note9 equipped with 8 GB of RAM, he couldn’t outpace the iPhone XS Max with only 4 GB of RAM. iPhone XS Max performed their task list 14 seconds faster opponent. At PhoneBuff said that they conducted a series of tests and every time the iPhone was ahead of XS Max Galaxy Note9. Once the difference in speed was 25 seconds.

Pixel 3 XL and even he failed the test. He dealt with the running applications for more than a minute later than the iPhone XS Max. This means that in real everyday use the Google flagship is considerably slower than the iPhone XS Max.

Source: PhoneBuff.


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