To surpass Apple again failed.

Despite the fact that Galaxy S10+ set extremely capacious battery, at the time of the Autonomous operation of the smartphone is inferior to the iPhone XS Max. This is indicated by the test results conducted by experts resource as PhoneArena.

Galaxy S10+ was able to work from a single charge 7 hours 59 minutes. For comparison, the iPhone XS Max in similar testing conditions — 9 hours 34 minutes. The difference looks pretty significant, if to take into account capacity batteries smartphones. If Galaxy S10+ installed battery 4100 mAh, the iPhone XS is Max — only at 3174 mAh.

Similar Galaxy S10+ autonomy demonstrate the flagships of Samsung previous generations. Indicator Galaxy S8+ — 8 hours, and Galaxy S9+ 8 hours 5 minutes. In this Note9 Galaxy passes Galaxy S10+ almost one hour (8 hours 56 minutes), OnePlus 6T — almost two hours (9 hours 52 minutes).

The only time testing, where Galaxy S10+ made at the level of the charging speed of the battery. Battery smartphone fully charged in 100 minutes, which is similar to those Galaxy S8+, S9 Galaxy+ and Galaxy Note9 (99, 105 and 109 minutes). Results iPhone XS Max and OnePlus 6T — 209 and 85 minutes, respectively.

Source: PhoneArena


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