iPhone XS Max self-editing selfie pictures

The author of the popular Youtube channel Unbox Therapy found in the iPhone Xs Max previously unannounced feature that automatically enhances images taken on a front camera. But most importantly, to disable this option impossible.

Similar algorithms to improve self-images are already present in mobile devices of competitors. Most often this can be seen in smartphones from Chinese manufacturers. As practice shows, the automatic algorithms don’t always work well, but the most important thing in the Chinese smartphone users decide when to use similar effects. Apple has no such opportunity given.

On the iPhone Max Xs built-in mechanism for improving is trying to smooth the wrinkle and make the skin on your face softer. The function of “easing” does not always work properly and this leads to the fact that those users on selfie photographs look blurred.

At the moment it is unknown why the function improve the images cannot be disabled. Some attribute this to a software error. However, precise information on this point – the same time Apple representatives did not comment on the situation.

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