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iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone was the first Apple smartphones with support for two SIM-cards. Worldwide, the company produces versions of smartphones on the one physical and the second e-SIM eSIM (does not work in Russia). For China exclusive Apple released the iPhone XS Max with two slots for conventional physical SIM cards. Does iPhone XS Max with two slots for cards nanoSIM Russian operators and can it be used in Russia?

Everything works fine, no problems

All iPhone models XS Max support bands 5 and 7, which employ Russian operators. We wrote about it earlier in the article about the differences of the models of the new Apple smartphones designed for different markets. Already then it became clear that the Chinese iPhone XS Max with two slots for SIM-cards format nanoSIM will be easy to work with the Russian operators.

Now this information is confirmed in practice. Several bloggers, including the popular Size, bought “dvuhsimochny” version of the iPhone XS is Max in China. If you set it in the SIM card of any two of the Russian operators, they are freely activated without any problems or additional configuration.

Thus, in Russia, you can use the iPhone XS Max with two physical SIM cards. Soon the model will appear in the online stores that sell “gray” smartphones Apple. Moreover, some retailers already offer to purchase “dual-SIM” iPhone with delivery during the week.


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