Very serious lag.

Apple will equip their new the 5.8 – and 6.5-inch iPhone XS A12 processor. The new chip will be made on a brand new 7-nm process technology, which other manufacturers will not be able to use until at least 2019. This means that the new iPhone XS will technologically surpass any other smartphones for a long time, DigiTimes reports citing reliable sources.

According to sources from the Asian supply chain, four major manufacturers of processors has delayed the release of 7-nm processors for Android smartphones. In particular, Qualcomm and MediaTek has postponed the launch of the chips of the new generation until 2019. And Globalfoundries has decided to suspend the program for the production of such processors indefinitely.

In this regard, the new Android smartphones will continue to come out with processors made on a 10-nm process technology. So will continue as long as Qualcomm and MediaTek will not solve their problems.

Thus, the only current manufacturer of the 7-nm processors TSMC is a company that creates chips for the iPhone. According to numerous reports by leading analysts, Apple will use next-generation processors in the 5.8 – and 6.5-inch iPhone XS sample 2018.

Thanks to new chips are the flagships of the Apple iPhone will be significantly faster than X and therefore all other smartphones. It is reported that the iPhone XS will be 30% faster than the iPhone X. iPhone XS Presentation will be held on September 12.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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