Hackers can now bypass the protection of the iOS operating system, reports the edition Motherboard. They use prototypes of iPhones intended for developers only. They, as it turned out, disabled many security features.

Motherboard notes that these prototypes usually fall to the attackers from China, in Foxconn factory, which assembles most iPhones. In the future, hackers use special cable (it can be purchased online for 2 thousand dollars), which receive full access to the device. However, in this method of hacking and innovation it is hard to believe, says the head of the Agency’s cybersecurity Evgeny Lifshitz:

Eugene Lifshits, the head of the Agency cyber security “When you got the rights on any operating system, i.e. become a user, you have access to all the data: the ability to make a copy of the phone, to change, in this case to change Face ID Face ID on your, change the fingerprint on my fingerprint to login to this phone to get access from the person to whom you are not. It is assumed that this is done via some special cable and some prototypes. I personally believe very little is about the prototypes and their transfer with some disabled safety systems”.

Apple’s partner Foxconn has a reputation of an employer whose employees receive a tiny salary, overtime, and even beaten. In addition, Foxconn often leaks revealing the characteristics and appearance of the gadgets that are preparing to enter the market.

Apple used to the fact that the plant in China there are “moles” and a serious of losses will not suffer, says chief editor iPhones.ru Nikita Goryainov:

Nikita Goryainov editor iPhones.ru “the plants really are leaks, they will happen regularly, yet Apple uses cheap labor from China. I think in India, which is now a new plant will be about the same story. These leaks have been since the first iPhone. While Apple won’t put all the production, all deliveries just to zero in on themselves, these stories will occur. Any scandals of this sort strongly legalized in the Western media, but even there it is the thing which is forgotten after 24 hours. If this scandal has led to tangible effects, for example some share of iPhones can be remotely hacked, or these devices would appear in the free market in all countries, this clearly would entail consequences, not only in sales, in reputation, and risks here, too, everything seriously would. But these stories occur in the last year, probably once a month, you discover another exotic and seemingly as a working method of hacking iPhones, and that’s all”.

Large companies, offering services for hacking iOS system, such as Cellebrite, according to Motherboard, are already using prototypes of iPhones with a low level of protection. Just this company, based in Israel, hacked iPhone suicide of California San Bernardino at the request of the FBI. Apple itself refused to hack the smartphone on request of the security services for reasons of protection of private information.

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