Yesterday, my friend shared her experiences that have recently forgotten to turn off the flash on the iPhone, and that worked for about 8 hours as a flashlight.

Affect whether this use of the term “bulb”? Do not burn out? Will not melt if the smartphone is using the flash?

I reassured her, explaining that led is designed for years of trouble-free operation, and nothing bad will happen. But just in case, decided to clarify the information.

So how many can work the flashlight at the iPhone and can it “burn”?

Flash is the most reliable thing in the smartphone

Attention to detail — that’s Apple.

In the module flash iPhone used light emitting diode (LED) which has advantages over the usual light bulb.

He vibrotone, so he does not fear any drop smartphone. For the term led has no influence the number of cycles on-off.

It is eco-friendly, there are no harmful substances or harmful ultraviolet radiation. Led lamp is one of the most environmentally friendly light sources.

It is almost eternal! The service life of light source is about 50,000 hours. In other words, even if on a daily basis include LED flashlight for 8 hours, it will last about 17 years!

It is unlikely that someone will use your camera flash as a flashlight so much time in a row, so there is little chance that the led will burn out. You can sleep peacefully, even with the included flashlight.

So is it possible to burn flash module-lantern?

Do not worry for the life of the flash in the iPhone. Even exploiting it every day for several hours, you will not be able to burn.

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