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14 December 2018 “Sberbank” has started officially to receive biometric data of their clients to provide them remote use of the various services. However, as found “Kommersant”, currently collected by the “savings” data is transmitted in a Single biometric database. Because of this, clients of “Sberbank”, which gave my biometrics, not yet receive any benefits.

The staff of “Kommersant” found out that at the moment the collection of scans faces and voices of customers “savings” happens in the internal database of the state Bank. This means that data is sent in a Single biometric system (EBS). In this regard, the customers do not receive benefits from the rental of their data. The reason is that the remote service is available only in the case where the data is stored in EBS.

The problem came about due to the fact that at this moment, the surrender of biometrics in the database of EBS is available from some branches of “Sberbank”. And what offices before the end is unclear. Information from employees of “Sberbank” at odds with each other. Similarly, information about the offices of “Sberbank” with the possibility of putting biometrics varies and on the websites of the Central Bank and “Rostelecom”.

Because of confusion among the customers of “Sberbank” already having problems. In particular, people who have surrendered their biometric data, counting on the possibility of remote maintenance in certain credit institutions, but to do this they fail.

Source: Kommersant.


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