To upgrade or not? Found.

January 22, Apple released final version iOS 12.1.3 — another small update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In iOS 12.1.3 was fixed found in previous versions of errors, increased stability and conducted work on optimization. Is it worth to install iOS 12.1.3? Told how iOS differs from iOS 12.1.3 12.1.2 speed and autonomy, as also found, were corrected by the main iOS 12, is associated with sudden blackouts Wi-Fi and LTE.

Is it worth to install iOS 12.1.3? Comparison with iOS 12.1.2

iOS 12.1.3 type is satisfied with frequent updates where the developers only corrected some of previously detected errors. In this regard, the iOS 12.1.3 there are no new features or significant changes in the interface. Everything remained as before.

Moreover, in terms of speed and autonomy of iOS 12.1.3 is on the same level compared to iOS 12.1.2. Compare firmware on all iPhone models showed that differences between them do almost none.

This means that if iOS 12.1.3 you wanted solely to extend battery life of your iPhone or improve performance, the update is definitely not happy. Any significant changes should be expected only in the next major update — iOS 12.2.

iOS 12.1.3 — fixed bug with disabling LTE and Wi-Fi

As you know, some users whose number is relatively small, there are problems with connecting to Wi-Fi and LTE in iOS 12. The connection can suddenly be interrupted and automatically restored only after 30 seconds or after on/off “Aviarium”.

Was fixed this bug in iOS 12.1.3? Unfortunately, users continue to report that the issue is and iOS 12.1.3. We have found only a few reviews that the problem disappeared. But most of the users whose devices vulnerable to bug, say that it has not been eliminated.

Thus, with the correction of the main iOS 12 the new firmware will not help either. It is expected that this bug will be fixed in iOS 12.2.

Who should install iOS 12.1.3?

In iOS 12.1.3 has not improved performance and autonomy, the bug fixed was not — who should install the update? In iOS 12.1.3 has been fixed other problems, the full list is shown below:

  • Fixed a bug in the Messages app, which could influence the viewing of the pictures scrolling in the “More info”.
  • Fixed issue in which the photos after sending a page export could appear band.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause distorted sound when using external devices audiowed iPad Pro 2018.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a shutdown of some systems CarPlay, from the iPhone XR, iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

If you encountered one of these bugs and want to remove it, then install iOS 12.1.3 will help to fix it.


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