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Many users of iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is still hesitant to install iOS 12, remembering the sad experience of the first versions of iOS 11. Surveys show that users of these older iPhone models remain one of the last versions of iOS 11. However, in reality the transition to iOS 12 not only brings new features but also significantly speeds up the iPhone. Experts CNET conducted a “live” comparison of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 running iOS and iOS 11.4.1 12.1.1. The results were amazing.

12 when iOS came out, the firmware is actively compared with iOS 11. All of the first test showed that iOS 12 iOS 11 much faster on all devices. After that, a comparison forgotten.

Meanwhile, Apple has released many updates for iOS 12. Updates and brought with them new features, and even more increased performance. As a result, iOS 12.1.1 when performing some tasks from two times faster 11 iOS on older iPhone models.

“Live” testing by CNET showed that the iPhone 5s running iOS 12 3.5 seconds faster opens “heavy” websites in Safari than on iOS 11. For a whole second faster opens the keyboard and a new tab in the browser. And on average half a second faster opens third-party applications.

And this difference is more than significant. Not just because the user has less wait. During the day, because of such acceleration will save much more time and of course nerves, as the user does not have to languish in anticipation of the opening Instagram or another tab in Safari.

Source: CNET.


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