Some of the detainees at the rally on August 3, reported the hacking attempts of a Telegram messenger in their gadgets, according to “Novaya Gazeta”. Also discovered attempts to hack Gmail accounts from the owners of smartphones based on Android.

It is known that for hacking the security forces use the Israeli company Cellebrite. This is evidenced by data from the procurement website. The software and equipment of the Israeli company purchased regional Department of the FSB of Russia, the Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry.

Technology is sold only to governmental organizations for use in the framework of the legislation of the given country, reports Manufacturers claim that their program can circumvent of the most popular models of smartphones on Android and iOS, physical access to the device. In addition, it contains a function to restore deleted files.

IT consultant of the Fund of struggle against corruption Vladislav Stolnikov comments in the “New” suggested that this system is still powerless before the last iOS updates. But to prevent hacking, specialist advice razlozhenii device in each of the services where the registered user, and to change passwords. He also advises before going to the rally to disable Face ID or Touch ID, preferring six-character or longer password.

If the gadget already seized, Stolnikov recommends to remotely delete all the data by logging in to your Google account and Apple. It is also necessary to reissue the SIM card in the office of the operator, so that no one was able to request your passwords.

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