It is a tool Zombie Check from Apple. It checks for broken warranty iPhone moshennikov the beginning of October we talked about the fraud scheme with the guarantee of the iPhone.

The point is that the fraudsters bought stolen smartphones and vydavali valuable components from the motherboard, and then in their place put cheap counterparts.

The party allegedly broken iPhone went to the Apple Store. And one of the associates solicited potential buyers to help with the return of the broken device for a fee.

The user called the store, returned the fake iPhone and get a fully original new device.

Reader serial number iPhone

To counter this, Apple has introduced a special method of checking gadgets called Zombie Check. With its help it is checked whether the serial number of the device for diagnostic purposes. And also checked the use of specific mobile services company.

Initially, this “tool” is used only in China, but in February 2018 and distributed it to all authorized service centers Apple.

Serial Number Reader — a simple tool with a Lightning connector on one end and USB-A on the other. It is used to validate the serial number off the iPhone 6 or newer. It takes the data straight from the motherboard.

For uses a Mac with macOS 10.8.5 or higher. Through a special application techniques see the serial number in most cases. Even with gadgets, the affected water.

Using Zombie Check cupertinos iPhone check for authenticity and do not serve the soup without warranty or replaced with the scammers details.

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