Blogger under the nickname iTwek4z demonstrated a modified version of iOS, which all dream. Of course, without jailbreak not done.

iTwek4z decided to completely change the interface of the Apple operating system and added features in it by default was not. Of course, he hacked into his iPhone X and filled an impressive number of jailbreak-tweaks – special utilities that complement iOS.

The most interesting of them:

  • Boxy 3 – allows you to change the number and order of icons on the desktop.
  • FastUnlockX – allows you to automatically unlock the iPhone X at a glance (without swipe).
  • Barmoji – adds a list of frequently used Emoji into the blank space under the keyboard.
  • Eclipse X – adds to the dark system theme.
  • NoMoreSmallApps – turns is not adapted to iPhone X apps in customized.

And many others, each of which has become an important part of the shown modification of iOS 11. The full list can be found in the video iTwek4z.

Earlier, the hacker coolstar has released a jailbreak for iOS Electra iOS 11.3 and 11.4. While it is not very stable, and not everybody managed to successfully install. However, this is a full jailbreak, and the developer constantly updates to fix any critical errors.


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