It seems that Apple has fixed the keyboard in the new MacBook Rhamnose MacBook Pro users have complained about frequent sticky keys or their arrival in disrepair. Probably Apple has fixed this annoying weed.

Specialists iFixit disassembled the new laptops and made some conclusions. The fact that the company was talking about the sound of the keyboard is nothing but a marketing component, side effect of innovations in keyboard.

Disassembly found that the keys installed “silicone shell”, which (probably) should prevent the ingress of dirt. This should prevent sticky keys MacBook Pro.

As a confirmation of his thoughts servisniki led Apple patent for a “protective structure” for keys laptops.

However, the company has no comments on this matter are not given. Previously, Apple told The Verge that this generation of MacBook Pro cupertinos not focus on correcting existing problems. And why then need this shell is unclear. But hardly only in order to reduce the noise level.


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