It seems that the Russian Apple Watch Series 4 will not be very important функцииApple Watch Series 4 include an electric heart rate sensor, which is designed for electrocardiogram (ECG). However, in Russia, this function will not work at all.

On the American Apple website stated that ECG is working on a smart watch “later this year”. In Russia in General there is no mention of this feature.

We decided to find out for sure, and contacted Apple technical support team. That’s what we said:

Artem, thank you very much for waiting. Rechecked the information for You. At the moment no information is available whether the ECG for Russia.

Apparently, the newfangled feature of the ECG will be really tied to only the United States. It is curious that an electrical sensor of cardiac activity listed in the technical specifications of the Apple Watch Series 4.

However, Apple was unable to confirm the presence of features of the ECG for Russian users.

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