Moscow, October 24 — “News. Economy.” Italian antitrust regulator has decided to fine Apple and Samsung Electronics for €5 million each, after complaints that they used a software update to slow down the work of mobile phones. About it reports Reuters.


Additionally, Apple was fined €5 million for not providing consumers with clear information about how to maintain and replace batteries for smartphones.

In the statement the Antimonopoly body stated that some software updates, Apple and Samsung “have caused serious disturbances in the operation of the devices and significantly reduced performance, thus speeding up the process of replacing them”.

The regulator said that both companies did not provide consumers with adequate information on the impact of new software or “any means to restore the original functionality of the devices.”

As reported “Vesti. Economy” last year, Apple apologized to customers for software changes that reduced the performance of the old iPhone. The company emphasized that it did not intend to reduce the service life of the devices.

Apple explained that lithium-ion batteries over time become less able to cope with a large load. This can lead to unexpected turning off the device to protect its electronic components. The new software reduced the load on the battery and limit the problem of disconnection of devices. However, users found that their iPhone became unacceptably slow to work with.

In response to customer complaints, Apple decided to reduce the price replacement battery for iPhone that are no longer covered by the warranty. The company also promised to release an update to iOS so that users could see whether their state of battery performance.

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