A few days after the release of the sixth beta version of tvOS 12, users began to notice that some movies in iTunes that are designed for viewing on the Apple TV started to support the technology Dolby Atmos. Cupertinos note that the new higher quality sound will allow fans to get more pleasure from watching your favorite movies.

At the moment, the Dolby Atmos is in several films: “the Kid in the drive”, “blade Runner 2049”, “Deadpool 2”, “justice League”, “spider-Man: coming home,” and several other paintings. The full list can be obtained from Siri. To do this, simply say the command: “Siri, show me movies with Dolby Atmos”.

Cupertinos say that in the future iTunes will be much more tapes with Dolby Atmos. If users have already purchased the film, compatible with the technology of advanced sound, and they will have better version of the picture absolutely for free. It will happen only after the release of the final version of tvOS 12.


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