In the show “SONGS” on TNT continues to stage concerts. 11 simple folks who just a couple of months ago came to the casting, and now blow up all sorts of charts, continue the fight for the contract with the producers Busta and Timati and prize money, which increased to 6 million rubles.

Don’t miss this Saturday, may 11, the second concert of the show, which will be known the names of the leaders of the first audience vote in commands Black Star and “Tank”, and the names of the participants, who will have to leave the project. Also in the issue you will have: — Unusual duets with the contestants with Katya IOWA and Natan; — Appearance of one very indifferent invited member of the jury; — “the DANCE” come in “SONGS”: on stage with participants of the project Ulyana Pylayeva and Sofa.

With each release participants are increasingly revealed to the audience as normal people with their emotions, weaknesses and stories. Whom Timothy will be called the favorite for this season? At whose concerts the producers are ready to go now? And whose tracks were most often sasamat?

In the previous release a chance to stay in the show got REDGI — participant, which returned to the audience. Will she be able to surprise Basta and continue the fight in his team? Watch the show “SONGS” this Saturday at 20.00 on TNT! Don’t forget that during the concerts you can listen and download tracks of the show SONGS in Apple Music.

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