Kazan Renat Sayfutdinov bought in DNS for iPhone X 89 990 rubles, but the smartphone was not new. So he said the independent expert. Now the buyer requires to store more than 160 000.

iPhone in hand. lived years stated in the warranty. The man went into the DNS with a request to check his smartphone. He refused. However, to prove it in court he could not: the man left a note in the complaint book of the store.

An independent analysis showed that under the guise of a new smartphone buyer sold restored. There is no trick, if it restores Apple with the original accessories. But the iPhone saifutdinova, perhaps, revived in an informal factory in China.

In DNS did not agree with the results of an independent examination. They questioned the qualifications of the expert. Therefore, there will be another examination. It will present both sides of the conflict, reports “Tatar-inform”.

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