28 Mar Savelovsky district court suspended the work of one of the oldest online stores of Russia “Player.ru” for 30 days. After a joint inspection of on and the FSB legal entity of the site — “Aleko T” for the second time convicted of frauds with checks: the company from March 2018 till January 2019, the spent “off” the cash register more than 1 million rubles. 5 APR “Aleko T” appealed the court’s decision, but after a week and a half pages pleer.ru still meets the stretch “Dear customers! The shop is temporarily closed. We apologize for the inconvenience!”

The news about the sanctions against “the Player.ru” did not shock other sellers electronics: the company has on the market for a long time has developed a reputation as “an enfant terrible”. Shop physical office which is located ten kilometers from the center of Moscow near the metro station “Avtozavodskaya”, annoying competitors unreasonable dumping and excessive secrecy. According to Similarweb, a “Player.ru” is among the ten most visited Russian sites in the category “Consumer electronics”. But the company’s revenue in 2018 grew by 2017 40%, about 15 billion rubles, evaluates the condition of anonymity, the expert of the Russian market of online retail. In the ranking of the 100 largest Internet shops of the country according to research company Data Insight, a company with such revenues would have occupied 13-e a place.

Technically, according to SPARK, “Aleko T” owns Tatyana Konysheva, but the true beneficiary of the business market is considered the founder of “the Player.ru” Alexey Konyshev. In a single conversation with journalists — calling of the entrepreneur in 2013, managed Forbes — Konyshev confirmed that he had set up shop. Since then, the businessman remains silent, whatever problems arose at the company. To comments Konysheva for this material also failed: to create a portrait of a mysterious entrepreneur, Forbes helped more than ten of his friends and competitors. The Representative “Player.ru” Forbes questions not answered.

Music fan with radio

Alexey Konyshev is contradictory in the same way as his business. Two interlocutors Forbes noted integrity, honesty and involvement of the entrepreneur and call him an ideologue of business, at the forefront of which is the desire to appeal to the buyer. Others contend, as a business with a mixed reputation lasted until today, and assume that the founder “Player.ru” is more influential partners.

First entrepreneurial experience Konyshev received on one of the capital markets, say the owners and top managers of three retailers members of AKIT (Association of companies of Internet trade). Alexander Konyshev, probably the father of Alex, traded radio and television goods in Moscow since 1995, from the data of SPARK.

The website pleer.ru according to the Domaintools service, 17-year-old Alexey Konyshev registered in March 2001. On the main page, he posted an appeal to the visitors, who “love music and without it no step” and proposed to sell, buy or exchange on the site music electronics. Apparently, Konyshev and he was well versed in audiogizmo: on the same page he was ready to “keep the conversation about the latest peep Japanese technology.”

About the same time was based online shop Digitalshop.ru that specialized in the sale of portable players. In the early 2000s, the product was a novelty: in Runet actively distributed mp3 files, and the market began to leave the Korean and Chinese brands of electronics. “The first player Hyun Won, D-Pro, iRiver have one of the first came to us,” — says in an interview with Forbes founder Digitalshop.ru Timothy of Shikolenko. With Konyshev he met at one of the presentations. Both were interested in small electronics, but no friendship ensued: “Alex was always closed, was sitting at one table, there was no one there”.

“Player.ru” was first presented to players, receivers, adapters and batteries of Sony and Panasonic and the accessories. Later came the iRiver and D-Pro. Shop Konyshev quickly became famous for the lowest prices. “Often, they were even below the purchasing price at the official suppliers,” says Sokolenko. According to him, “the Player.ru” with the appearance “immediately began dumping”. For example, if the price of the MP3/CD player D-Pro MP-856M from Shikolenko was $114, Konyshev was selling the same model for $102. Sikolenko we had to reduce prices and, once, in the hope to win back the audience pleer.ru he even registered a website-“spoiler” pleer.com.

To call the competition fierce, then, was difficult: the demand for goods greatly exceeds supply. According to IDC, in 2001 in Russia was 3.8 million individual users of portable electronic devices, a year later, the figure has sought to 9 million “Number of the online shops is also growing, but not so fast,” confirms Shikolenko.

Businessman with a secret

On the morning of March 12, 2013 in the office of the “Avtozavodskaya” raided “masks-show”. Presenting a search warrant, police went to the warehouse. According to one version, the police were looking for 70 iPhone stolen from a branded Apple store in late 2012.

The RAID came less than two weeks after the publication of the rating of 30 largest companies of the Russian Internet according to Forbes. It was the first and only time the list includes “Player.ru” (21-th place with revenues of $60 million). Konyshev has made it to the top League thanks to the low prices agree Forbes interviewed market participants. By the time “Player.ru” traded not only players, but also photographic equipment, printers, game consoles, mobile phones and laptops. “Trade small electronics — best case: cost of goods are high, and the size and weight small, due to which logistics is close to zero,” explains the founder of the store “220 Volts” Alexey Fedorov familiar with Konyshev.

Momentum “Player.ru” is still significantly inferior to the market leaders, but do not notice the daring of the player was impossible. “For me, [“Player.ru”] this mysterious organization. They are similar to those who were once on “the top crust”, but where they came from, I don’t know,” says co-founder and President of “M. Video” Alexander Tynkovan. “They all killed margins and spoil the market”, complains co-founder of one of the largest online stores.

Familiar with Konyshev entrepreneur explains the dumping altruism Konyshev: “He was selling cheaper than bought, and was always trying to make prices affordable to the consumer.”

“Encashment and bass” [a slang term to refer to the cashing and the trade in counterfeit goods — approx. Forbes], and this aptly describes the secret of low prices in the electronics market one of its members. Representatives of the three companies, competing with “the Player.ru” in one or multiple categories, explain: aggressive dumping can afford those players that minimize customs duties and, in addition to sales techniques, have a side business cashing.

“Player.ru” from the beginning, accept cash only, shows a warning on the website version 2002. Cashless payment appeared only in 2017 and limit the cards “the World”, said the President of the AKITA Artem Sokolov. In the 2000s, selling cash could bring to the projects that did, about 5% of turnover, and now is 8-12% due to the increased risk, estimates the head of the company Finance Crime Yevgeny Vinogradov.

In early July of 2018 co-owner of chain stores DNS Dmitry Alekseev posted incriminating Facebook post, which was widely quoted media. In it, he accused “Player.ru” schemes “hug of money and smuggling of goods.” After two weeks in the shop Konyshev was raided by FSB with searches. And on that joined the inspection, uncovered fraud with cheques, which led to temporary suspension of business “Aleko.” “It turned out that the store does not apply online cash, but had to switch to the new procedure from 1 July 2017. Earned revenue in the tax statements were not recorded taxes on such revenue was not estimated and not paid”, — explained the press-service FNS, without specifying the name of the company-the infringer. The next day “Player.PY”, however, resumed work.

“Aleko T” was Tatiana konyshevoy in 2017, spoke on behalf of “the Player.ru” and licensed from Alexey Konyshev owned trademark. But this company is just another legal “reincarnation” of the store: the legal person of the project “live one year”, drew in his post attention Alekseev. The names of most — modification name Konyshev: to “Aleko T” was, for example, “Aleko And” and “Alekon”.

Specialist GR working in a large retail chain, and another member of the electronics market believe that without support from government agencies “Player.ru” for so long would not have lasted, and they believe the rumors that Evgeny is not the only beneficiary of the store. However, the names of the possible partners of the entrepreneur interlocutors Forbes could not be called. According to three sources Forbes in the companies-participants of AKIT, the founder of “the Player.ru” in fact, already retired and living in Germany. Two participants of the market assume that Evgeny runs the business but is not a beneficiary, but the real owners may be abroad.

Investor faith

Ten years ago, Alexey Konyshev has passed in Yaroslavl region and decided to look at one of the attractions — museums Saint Alexis Hermitage. It tells the Abbot, hieromonk Peter Vasilenko, guest imbued with what he saw and offered to help. “Then was rapidly developing crisis of 2008, our benefactors began to fall off: someone lost a business where something has changed owners, he says. — Life on this steep bend and we picked up Konyshev”.

“Saint Alexis Hermitage” deserts — a large monastery with a school, a shelter for the elderly, cultural center and agricultural farm on 500 hectares. the property is also home to nearly 500 people, including 300 children, including orphans and children left without parental care. Not to notice the pleer.ru banners with appeals for help for the pupils of the convent is impossible.

Piety Konyshev is expressed not only in cooperation with the Hermitage in the Yaroslavl region. In 2014, for example, he deliberately broke the rules of the Russian language, using ezine advertising the word “free”. So the entrepreneur has avoided a single root and Association with the “devilry and evil spirit”, explained the quality control Department “the Player.ru”. “He is a very humble and non-public, but with all his strength tried to create a system that would depend not so much on his income, how much of a popularity of the portal, where they appealed to the kind hearts of the Orthodox,” says Vasilenko.

Among other religious initiatives Konysheva — investment in a company that was going to cast a bell for the chapel on the Russian air base in Syria. The project took place, told Forbes business partner Konyshev Maria Lazareva. She met with the founder of “the Player.ru” “many years ago” when put up for sale land in the Vladimir region. There with the 2008 family Konysheva and Lazarus owned the dacha cooperative “Moscow”. Konyshev was also going to be farmers, says Lazarev: “due to the large employment and income insecurity, he could not implement our plans to the end, everything came to a halt”.

Konyshev have had other projects. In 2010, he and his family became the owners of four rooms with a total area of 1000 sqm in a newly built residential complex “Lira” near head office “Player.ru”, according to the SPARK and filing of arbitration cases. To Konisevich property owners were the CEO of a construction company “Stroyteks” Sergey Andreev and partners. The developer of the “Lira” was associated with “Stroytekhkom” engineering company “Silver Yard”, which since 2001 has built housing for the officers and Interior Ministry troops. Andreev, was awarded the medal of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Deputy of city district Khimki, died in July 2017.

Suspends for 30 days will hurt the business “Player.ru” the President believes the AKITA Artem Sokolov: “This decline in traffic and a definite departure of the site from top search results. To return the item, you need to invest in new marketing, and it is expensive”. Last week, the traffic “the Player.ru” in just four days has fallen by half, to 73 500 users per day (data from Similarweb). Further charitable Konyshev is also questionable. “We are all very worried about Alexei, and the resident will be placed under the great impact [of the closure “Player.ru”],” — concludes one of the employees of the Saint Alexis Hermitage.

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