Prepare to be amazed!

Authoritative insider Ice Universe said that on the MWC at the end of 2019 February 2019 will be a lot of smartphones that will simply amaze modern consumers. According to the expert, which is renowned for publishing only accurate leaks concerning Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers, the MWC 2019 will be for the world of smartphones most amazing of all time.

Ice Universe did not specify what phones and from which manufacturers we should expect at the MWC 2019. He said at the event in Barcelona will be shown a variety of excellent smartphones, many of which are beyond common sense of people.

Alas, no details, even on questions from users the insider did not disclose. Nevertheless, given the great track record the specialist, from the exhibition MWC 2019 do you can expect innovative smartphones. It is assumed that we are talking about the original bendable smartphones, the first model to be supplied in public sale in 2019.

Apple, most likely, will not take part in the exhibition — a company usually ignores such events. However, due to heightened competition in the smartphone market Apple decides to spring a surprise.

MWC 2019 will be held from 25 to 28 February.

Source: Twitter.


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