April 11, Acer is the largest manufacturer of electronics — downright gave a volley from all the guns. The Taiwanese have shown a huge amount of their innovations, with laptops of all types, from light Hiking to the heavyweights with a full meat under the hood. Most people excited a special division Acer’s ConceptD is a very powerful but quiet laptops with a focus on the perfect colour reproduction of the screen. We will tell about them and about other novelties of the last presentations Acer.

For students (but not necessarily only them)

First, chromebooks. Yes, those who work on exotic for a Russian operating system — Chrome OS from Google. Abroad laptops with Chrome OS have moved significantly cheaper models with Windows, but we the people still not tasted, because the Russian budget laptop is not the second computer for the rich, and the first (and often the only) computer for the poor, alas.

It is a pity, because the taste that there is. First, the price of these two models — the Acer Chromebook Chromebook 714и 715— in the US they will be sold for 549 and $ 499 respectively. For the money advanced “vindeby”, alas, can not buy.

New chromebooks received many different processors, from Intel Celeron to Intel Core i3 and i5, and from 32 to 128 GB of eMMC storage and from 8 to 16 GB of memory. Drives are not too large, but not for the chromebooks, which are sharpened on active work with cloud services, rather than storing all the necessary and unnecessary data directly on the laptop.

Despite the low price, both laptops are equipped with IPS panels with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels — 715-th comes with a 15.6-inch screen, and 714-th — 14-inch. They do not have a little brightness to work on the street, otherwise it’s very good displays for the money. Optionally they can be touch.

The novelties also received a comfortable backlit keyboard and click pad with protective glass Gorilla glass. And 715-th and even a separate numeric keypad, which, according to Acer, with chromocene never happened before. But from the aggressive environment is protected not only click pad (which would be weird), but the entire laptop — housing both new products are made of anodised aluminium and meet U.S. military standard MIL-STD 810G. But for a quick log in to your account, provided the fingerprint scanner.

Set have port of new products are the same and are quite diverse: two USB Type-C, one USB 3.0 Type-A card reader for microSD cards.

On the road

Spin 3
Not to everyone’s taste chromebooks, that’s a fact. Fortunately, Acer produces laptops mainly for work with good old Windows, like Acer Spin 3. It’s not even really a laptop — it’s a transformer in the manner of Lenovo Yoga, only from Acer. In other words, the cover display turns 360 degrees, so the laptop becomes a tablet. In Russia 3 Spin will cost from 40 000 rubles, which is very humane. It’s quite a small laptop with 14 inch screen — perfect diagonal that was not only convenient to work but also to carry the gadget with you. The screen, by the way, with Full HD resolution and touch — recognizes and fingers and a special stylus Acer Active Pen that fits in the notebook. Therefore, it is possible not only to poke a finger in the large items on display, but also to paint pictures, retouch photos, in General, in every possible way to work with graphics. Spin 3 weighs 1.7 kilograms — not skinny, but to carry the backpack will fit more than.

Acer Spin 3 has a hard disk on terabyte, but in 2019, of course, it is better to make your choice in favor of the SSD. In Spin 3 targetlink goes up to 512 GB. The processor here is Intel’s line of Whiskey Lake — from simple Pentium Gold 5405U to very vigorous Core i7-8565U. There is also a separate graphics chip, and the most recent, but the youngest among the things that have NVIDIA — MX230. Dota 2 play a game, Fortnite. Performance MX230 is approximately equal to an old NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M.

Among the ports, there are HDMI video output for connection to monitor or projector, a couple of USB T ype-A ports and a card reader for SD and headset Jack. In Russia the updated Acer Spin 3 should appear in July.

TravelMate P614-51
But if you need even more suitable for travel laptop, then Acer has a special series of devices for this. Novelty in it was the laptop TravelMate P6 (namely, P614-51). He also received a 14-inch display, but, unlike Spin 3, weighs a mere 1.1 kg, making it a terrific companion for travel. But thin does not mean fragile. Acer, declares that this model passed the tests including 26 drops from a height of 1.22 meters. The body of the novelty of aluminum-magnesium alloy, making it lightweight and durable at the same time.

It looks more practical than some MacBook Air and also has an interesting feature — the curtain for the webcam. Jokes-jokes, but who knows, not whether someone behind you or behind me through webcam right now. But the TravelMate P6 “toys” and interesting. For example, a 4G modem, which, however, will require the use of eSIM, and in our country, electronic SIM cards are not yet supported, and likely will not, as the operators and the FSB opposed. But at least we haven’t banned the NFC, which is also the new TravelMate P614.

But that’s not all; there is, at the same time as the fingerprint scanner and IR camera to recognize your face. The laptop boasts the presence of Thunderbolt 3 among its other ports, among which one can find HDMI, two USB 3.0 Type-A, RJ-45 for connection to LAN and headphone Jack.

The filling is again substantial: Intel processors up to i7 (six-core does not, of course, 1.1-pound laptop, but still very productive), SSD already up to 1 TB and up to 24 GB of RAM. Also, in the case TravelMate P6 there was a place for new GPU NVIDIA GeForce MX250, however, as it is a very compact laptop, it is only a 10-watt version of this chip (not a full 25-watt).

The manufacturer also promises up to 20 hours operation from a single battery charge, but we all know that hardly there are windowce that can reach 10 hours at normal level of brightness and any load.

What else I forgot to mention? The display, of course, with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, and the keyboard is backlit.

For architects, graphic designers, engineers, videomontage, programmers

Just a few years ago Acer entered the market of gaming notebooks and began to create them with extreme performance, aggressive design — all the laws of the genre. And this time on his presentation, the company announced a new line of special PCs and laptops for content creation. That is, for architects, graphic designers, engineers, videomontage, programmers, Directors and other people who are not just consuming content (websites, TV shows, games), but first and foremost needs to be a productive laptop to create this content. The line was named ConceptD, which can like it or not, but the point is, I think, is simple — create a brand and line of laptops and computers, which would have pushed the niche occupied by Apple and its “makbuki”.

But, of course, hallmarks of the line Acer ConceptD will not only be its name. Acer claims that this will be a very productive “machine” with powerful processors and professional graphics cards, but with low noise, as well as displays with very accurate color reproduction. And, of course, they will not look so tinejdzerke as gaming laptops. The price will be slightly higher than gaming laptops with similar hardware (which is more expensive?) — as explained by the manufacturer, due to the very high quality displays.

ConceptD 5 and 7 ConceptD
ConceptD ConceptD 5 and 7 stand out much among the traditional laptops, at least the fact that both are completely white. However, if you delve into memory, you may recall that this is not the first white laptops even Acer. Nevertheless, it looks pretty cool on the background of many familiar models. Once more gradually. However despite the fact that the casing is partly metal, the feeling is not very expensive plastic is not leaving to use all the time. I want to believe that Acer will pay attention to it, after all, meet on the cover.

Makes ConceptD 5 and 7 ConceptD not just the color but also the fact that both have 15.6-inch displays with 4K razresheniem and 100% AdobeRGB coverage, and a certificate from a well-known American company Pantone. Such displays are really rare, so graphics will definitely pay attention to them, because performance is not everything.

ConceptD 5 is the smallest among the three models of the new line. However charged is very powerful, but unusual iron. He has under the hood an Intel processor with integrated graphics AMD — almost piece-goods, which is not where you can meet. The name of this series of Intel processors Kaby Lake G, however was first introduced at CES 2018. In ConceptD 5 you will meet a variation of these hybrid processors with graphics Radeon™ RX Vega M GL that performance is about halfway between 1050 NVIDIA GeForce GTX and GTX 1050 Ti. As for the CPU, even though he is a 4-, not 6-core, but performance as Intel Core i5-8300H, which in turn is on average slightly more powerful Intel Core i7-7700HQ. Overall, a great tandem for a laptop weighing only 1.5 kg. can compete with some 15-shkami Apple MacBook Pro.

Storing data requested to SSD sizes up to one terabyte. But the RAM up to 16 GB — and here someone enough, and someone is already there, no wonder that “MacBook” so much was blamed for the inability to increase the memory up to 32 GB.

He’s got plenty of ports: HDMI, three USB 3.0 Type-A, 3 one Thunderbolt and a mini Jack for the headset.

The model is interesting because it is almost an ultrabook, but with a very powerful stuffing and earth-shattering cool display, but the cost will be here is not enough — from 120 000 rubles.

ConceptD 7тоже with a 15.6-inch display, but larger and heavier, since filling it is much more serious. However, he still fits in 2.1 kg, so it can live in your backpack. In principle, all the differences are placed in the platform. For example, there is not even 6 and 8 core processors — the latest, ninth generation. As well as promised NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q is almost the top at the moment NVIDIA. And all this in a laptop with a thickness of only 18 mm. the price Tag is accordingly higher, from 150 000 rubles.

ConceptD 9, the most expensive of laptops is a line for all sorts of creators, is already twice as expensive as ConceptD 7 — 360 thousand rubles. It looks slightly peculiar, since Acer took the old one and took the unusual attachment of the display to the frame. A similar design has already had some previous models and if you had a chance to taste it, you know it’s a very convenient idea.

Also unusual here is that the touchpad is located to the right of the keyboard, because under it there is nothing underneath the laptop ends as it is located very close to the edge.

Display here more than 17.3 inches, but touch and stylus support Wacom EMR and 4096 levels of pressure, and also with 100% coverage AdobeRGB. But iron is more powerful. Not already Max-Q, but a full top-end NVIDIA ® GeForce ® RTX 2080, and 8-core processors Intel Core i9 ninth generation. And up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM with a frequency of 2666 MHz, and termotehnik up to a terabyte.

Besides price, there is another side effect of the heaped up iron and large screen — weight, which ConceptD 9 is 4 kg.

All three notebooks are United not only performance, but also great attention to the noise level of the cooling system. The manufacturer claims that the noise from their laptop line ConceptD does not exceed 40 dB.


Unlike Apple, which is also not averse to sell laptops at prices of cars, there is a universal Acer laptops with a more than sane price tag. For example, the cost of Acer Aspire 3начинается from 20 000 rubles. It can be found in a compact case with 14-inch display, and a “home” machine with a 17.3-inch. Here at once not only has a choice between Intel and Intel, but remembered the second player in the processor market and, by the way, graphics card — AMD. So Aspire 3 can be as Intel Core i7 of the eighth generation with a graphics accelerator NVIDIA GeForce MX230 and AMD Ryzen second generation plus, Radeon RX 540. One way or another in performance, all is pretty good for image editors, development environments and for very undemanding games will do just fine.

Display from Aspire 3 with a Full HD resolution, but of course without any fancy certificates from American firms. I promise that can be up to 32 GB of RAM, which is very solid, and two drive — hard drive 1 TB and SSD on the floor of terabytes.

Aspire 5существует only with 15.6-inch display more high-level than Aspire 3, slightly more than the metal casing, and instead of GeForce MX230 has a more interesting card — MX250, which is already possible in GTA V to play. Aspire 5 is estimated at least 35 000 rubles.

But features Aspire 7пока some vague. There is likely to be one of the new NVIDIA cards, but about the level of 1050/1050 Ti, and up to 2-terabyte hard disk and SSD up to terabyte. Price starts from 60 000 rubles.

For fans of games
I began this article with the fact that Acer is not so long ago entered the market of gaming laptops. And apparently, she liked it very much, because the company is not slowing down gaming machines were presented plenty. The most affordable of them is a line of Acer Nitro, which included two laptops: Nitro Nitro 5 and 7. They have a lot in common. For example, almost the same filling: latest CPU Intel — the latest, ninth generation. About specific models Acer is still silent, and about the specific NVIDIA GeForce GTX, which will be equipped with these two new items. Both will be up to two SSDS combined into RAID and hard drive up to 2 TB (the current “size” of the games — absolutely the necessary volume).

A distinctive feature of both devices, in addition to brand new processors were also displays support refresh rates of 144 Hz. Moreover “seven” is a 15.6-inch display, while the “five” — as a 15.6″, and 17.3″, both c Full HD resolution. The minimum response time of displays — 3 MS.

The main difference between Nitro and Nitro 7 5 — is appearance. Yes, both performed in a black casing with red highlights and a red backlit keyboard, but still the difference between them too. Nitro 7 slightly more expensive product, it is thinner — only 2 cm thick, looks a little more solid, tighter, more interesting, and in the design of less plastic and more metal. Nitro 5 24 cm thick, its exterior is slightly simpler, more shouting “I am a gaming laptop!”, slightly less stylish, but nevertheless, original and memorable.

“Five” will be sold in Russia in may at a price of 60 000 rubles, “seven” — since June, from 70 000 rubles.

Acer Nitro — cool gaming laptops, but not the coolest of those that are in the range Acer. She has even more fancy ruler — Predator. It included two innovations: the Predator the Predator the Helios 300 and Helios 700. Let’s start with the first one which is younger. It will cost in Russia from 90 000 rubles, but to get a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q, and again the remaining unnamed Intel Core CPU i7 ninth generation. It can be found with a 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch. Also with a refresh rate of 144 MHz and a response time of 3 MS.

To crazy (in the best sense of the word)

The most delicious — the laptop is Acer Predator Helios 700— I left for last. They are to be admired, you can hate, but indifferent exactly? First, it’s huge — weighs 4.5 kg, and ports, even as large as RJ-45, simply is lost on its sides with a height of 4.2 cm

But makes it stand out from the crowd is not (only) that. He has a very interesting cooling system. In order to activate it for all the money and get the ability to overclock the laptop, you’ll need — who would have thought to move the keyboard is the slider itself. Thus, you open up additional access to the air two large fans.

However, wrists and hands together with the touchpad because of this move down on the table. But the place under the wrist still remains, therefore, to play or to type texts (well and suddenly) is still convenient. Even more convenient, because in case you don’t need to push myself a laptop that sometimes you want to do with the “machines” that have display size as much as 17.3 inches. Another interesting feature — the WASD keys, which have several degrees of sensitivity, as the sticks have controllers. This will allow you to smoothly control the speed of your character, which is especially important for cars, motorcycles, aircraft and other simulators. Have to wait for support from them.

Of course, within are the most powerful processors Intel Core i9 ninth generation, as well as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 (2070 or in the configuration easier), and up to 64 GB of RAM, but it is unknown what drives.

Display Predator Helios 700 is also very high refresh rate of 144 Hz, which will not give your opponent no chance to run past you unnoticed. There are regular “buns” of the coolest gaming machines: multi-colored backlit keyboard and touchpad, bunch of various ports and button “Turbo” for overclocking with one click. Is Predator Helious 700 on the background of the above ConceptD 9, I would say, cheap — from 200 000 rubles, and will be in stores from July.

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