Operating system upgrade for Apple Watch, which Apple started sending out yesterday, may completely disable the smart watches and turn them into a lifeless “brick”. According to reports in Twitter and Reddit, after installing version 5.1 on watchOS model Series 4 the screen displays the logo of the Apple, and the further loading stops.

watchOS 5.1 update bricked my Apple Watch Series 4. pic.twitter.com/sPgRfvYFwy

— Chris Ball (@chriswb) 30 Oct 2018

Apple has acknowledged the problem. It affected “a small number of customers”, but “as a precaution” the company stopped sending update until the end of proceedings. Victims recommended to contact the technical support. If watchOS 5.1 was installed successfully, Apple is advised not to take any action.

∎Apple has announced the release date of the updated iOS read more

The biggest change in watchOS 5.1 applies to the function that defines free fall. If earlier in the case of the fall of man the system sends its location to a contact specified as an emergency, the new version sends it along with GPS coordinates pre-recorded message.

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