Lenovo working on its own flexible smartphone with two screens. Cell phone, is rumored flagship, but it’s not the revived RAZR V3 — judging by the patent image, the phone is not in half.

The main screen of the smartphone Lenovo develops inward, like the Samsung Fold, and it protects it from damage. However, part of the display is still visible so that you can receive notifications and read messages, without revealing the whole cell. The smartphone is equipped with only two cameras, while the Fold of their six, and this approach is not entirely clear — there is even no dual modules, especially the triple.

The announcement of a flexible phone is expected to be released this year and Samsung before the end of 2019 plans to roll out three new flexible — cot, a folding tablet and smartphone, made in the form of a bracelet. The cost of all these gadgets is unknown, as is their reliability. Also over flexible smartphones are Xiaomi, LG, Huawei and, according to rumors, Apple itself.

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