The next flagship smartphone LG — ThinQ G8 — will have its own 3D facial scan. System based on ToF image sensor Infineon REAL3 will allow you to unlock the device to make better selfies in different lighting conditions, and will also open up new opportunities for augmented reality.

At this energy it will spend less than the Apple Face ID. At “iPhone”, we will remind, the technology of structured light, which projects the face of a man dozens of invisible points and measure the distortion to create a 3D object. The LG approach is to measure the reflected from the object infrared light — it gives a more accurate result with less computational cost, the company said.

However, the G8 will not be the first smartphone in which you will apply this technology. Previously, the Infineon chip REAL3 established, for example, Phab Lenovo 2 Pro, allows the device to “see” your surroundings in 3D. ToF sensor have the Honor smartphone View 20, which was released in late January.

The new flagship of LG is credited with the basic 6.1-inch display with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9, Snapdragon 855, the USB-C port, 3.5-mm audio Jack for headphones and two main chambers. According to rumors, the new model is outwardly practically does not differ from its predecessor, but LG can try to lure customers with other innovations such as 3D camera or touchless control.

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The announcement of the G8 will take place at a press conference LG Premiere, which will take place on 24 February in the framework of the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2019.

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