LG has introduced twistable 4K TV LG OLED TV R electronics show, CES 2019. This was reported by the Verge.

TV with a diagonal of 65 inches is cleaned in the stand, which implements all control, it also hosts speakers and connectors. The stand is placed on the floor and resembles a curbstone under the TV.

The TV runs on the operating system WebOS, he has the support Alexa, 2 AirPlay and HomeKit. The mechanism withstands 50 thousand cycles of opening and closing, so reliable to use.

With new developments can not only watch movies and TV shows, and listen to music. For this screen, it is sufficient to deploy only a quarter.

Previously, Apple introduced a flexible smartphone with an OLED display. His panel with a polymer coating flexible and durable so it can bend in different directions. However, the usefulness of such a product has yet to be tested.

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