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Russian cellular operators regularly launch new tariff plans for subscribers who are switching to save or to obtain a larger set of services. And that’s when the transition to the new tariff plan, many subscribers, there is an unpleasant problem — unwanted write-off for the connected additional services. In this article talked about how to avoid this and correctly switch to the new tariffs of operators MTS, Beeline, MegaFon and Tele2.

Check the connected services after the transition

The majority of subscribers of the Russian operators are switching to new rates, learn about attractive tariff plan on the Internet or through an SMS from the operator. Users simply need to send USSD-request, replenish the account with the necessary amount of money and be at the new rate. Incoming SMS from the operator confirms the successful transfer and the subscriber is satisfied.

Not everyone knows that the first thing after switching to the new tariff from any operator of the big four you want to check your personal account on the connected default services. Most often, along with the new tariff subscribers connected lots of additional paid services, the money for which are written off immediately, after a certain period of time.

Operators act quite legally, as the message about the data connection services has a full description of the plan. But as you know, few people read the full terms of tariff plans and go into the smallest details.

Due to the instant verification of additional services after the transition to the new tariff you can save a lot of money and to exclude the possibility to remain without a connection at the wrong time.

Check additional services each month

It is equally important to check connected with additional services each month. This should be done after each calendar month from the activation date of the new tariff. For example, if you moved to a new fare on January 16, February 16, is better to go into my account and make sure you have not connected the new paid services.

Why do it? The fact that the rules of many of tariff plans, especially during the past two years, often prescribed connection with certain services after a few months. You may recall the recent case of “Beeline”, which in early 2019 is legally hooked up a new service to subscribers of some popular tariffs. Yes, the operator acted according to established and stated in full the terms of the tariff regulations, but subscribers unexpected write-offs of money has remained unsatisfied.

Such control can protect you from any unwanted write-offs by leading Russian operators.


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