Lipsanen has won a court case in which he had to ask because of the defective iPhone H. Basis for the trial was the failure of the seller to repair or change a product.

Purchased fashionable gadget of Apple was in December 2017. Lipsanen happily used it for more than a year. However, in March 2019, when the warranty period has expired, the iPhone “fell”: the sound of the speakers became much worse after a time I worked the sensor display, that has become impossible to unlock your own machine. In the shop of the seller company “Russian telephone company” claims of the buyer to investigate and refused to take to check and repair or change the phone.

The lawsuit that followed, the seller is also not recognized. ACCORDING to the distributor, there was not enough evidence in the realized through them iPhone drawbacks. However, the technical expertise of the smartphone found in the office of a manufacturing defect, and the court rendered a verdict in favor of lepanina. Now the seller will reimburse the buyer not only the amount of 70 784 rubles, which was sold to an iPhone, but a fine and repay court costs.

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