When I studied organizational structure different in spirit and corporate culture of the companies, I remember the schemes of Professor at Stanford University. Google was shown as a company where the arrow connected all with all, like a spider’s web, in the Apple dominated centripetal force with “core” in the center. Facebook was drawn as an empty square in the center of which there was only one point. To understand the question was given succinct review: “this company only has mark Zuckerberg as he says, so be it. Any other opinion does not exist.” It turned out that this is not a rare phenomenon, the most successful companies “as the owner will say, so be it”.

On the background of the interest in employees needs, the needs of generations Y and Z, the battle for the personnel and the company’s reputation, business literature, Internet, seminars tell us about turquoise organizations, different management styles with a focus on democracy and liberalism. Management in coaching style objectively “unfolds” managers to colleagues, raises the degree of empathy and emotional intelligence. Leaders study the literature on a given topic and sincerely try to follow all the recommendations for the correction of personal management style. But at some point, all recall an example of a very authoritarian leader like Steve jobs or read a Mark Zuckerberg about the need for employees to go to certain operating systems or order Russian top managers on the prohibition of telephone conversations.

The authoritarian style is used by all
The management style of the head is a manner of personal behavior in relation to subordinates to influence on them and get them to do what the moment needs. In this sense, the business literature offers a 3-4 style, and they cover all important areas of management: decision making, bringing decisions to the Executive, the responsibility, the attitude to knowledge, attitude to discipline, the attitude towards human interactions with subordinates.

I didn’t see any head high enough level, which would not use the authoritarian style. The question of the multidimensionality of the system of control, complexity of tasks, time and external factors, which subordinates seldom know. Head, giving orders, saw no need to extend the explanation a path to the goal, if there is a short and clear way. In this sense, an authoritarian Manager internally solves for him the task. Even if you ask such a leader, which style he prefers, he never admits to himself that is a dictator or uses an “authoritarian style”.

Successful managers have an authoritarian style (“what I say”) included various liberal-democratic stories, and then we say, “he consulted”, “asked”, “after discussion, he changed his mind”. The head in the end just decides on the basis of information received or the other way, and according to recent studies, decision-making is still based on intuition and experience.

The risks of authoritarian control

Not all of the interesting candidates want to work in a company where “only my opinion”. These candidates will quickly cease to work or will not be consider the workplace as an employer.

Not everyone will be able to work under pressure of dictator. Most sensitive to style the most valuable categories of workers. Their absence or frequent change will affect the stability of the business processes.

Harder and scarier with those who are willing and able to work with the dictator. This layer of staff to me is the most “malicious”, with the enthusiasm of implementing the decisions of leaders, they create an unbearable environment for good employees.

Tips for authoritarian leaders

— If you find like-minded people who tolerate your “authoritarian style”, appreciate these people;

— Decide what type of communication you can choose according to your tasks and priorities, they can be very different even within the same style.

— Think about the issues on which you allow for disagreement, discussion, assignment or delegation;

— Apply positive signals to the people you really appreciate (give people at least a little objective feedback);

— Check that after the decision, all employees must carry it out, otherwise there is a “false sense of control and manageability”. Interestingly, by the way, how will be fulfilled the order of Mark Zuckerberg about the ban on iPhones?

Managerial generosity to the words, emotions, communication, even in combination with authoritarian style is a good option. In another case, a sense of what subordinates are “lazy mediocrity”, the head saves the world, and it all should be, because it pays very dangerous.

Tips for subordinates of an authoritarian leader

Tips for workers who were in the company of an authoritarian wing under the leader-despot — bit. But my experience shows that even the younger generation, appreciate the combination of factors such as professionalism, order and discipline. We do not consider the situation when life becomes unbearable. Here is the recipe one wrote a statement and resigned. But the situation may be different, many people sincerely believe in a clear hierarchy, clear division of roles in the organization, communication, and feedback.

Not to lose heart:

— strengthen vocational and trusting relationship to you;

— inform the supervisor about the progress of the work;

— ask “permission” of the actions that should be coordinated in the coordinate system of the head;

— demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment at the time of receipt of the order, and then with the help of clarifying and supplementing the questions, move to the goal.

In addition, it is important to formulate the thesis of the “psychological contract” with the supervisor about checkpoints, authority and responsibility limits.

You need to remember that an authoritarian leader often feels a high need for power or control, but inwardly seek to act for the good of the organization always has a need for personal achievements and not exactly committed to building a trusting and lasting relationship with you.

No luck, if the head is at the initial volume level of leadership when it is supported by position position and nothing more. In this case, the boss is a tyrant sure is best suited in order to dictate what to do. If the authoritarian head has moved to the levels of productivity, achievements or development, it is reasonable to help the chief and to grow yourself.

The corporate culture of “power” exists in a huge number of Russian companies. This should be treated with understanding. Regardless of what kind of leader has to work (and you’re somehow now at this workplace?), guerrilla resistance is joint work in conditions that are already specified, will only complicate the situation even more.

As well written by ray Dalio in his book “Principles”: “Between the bad “today” and the beautiful “tomorrow” is a transitional period. This is the time when you try and see what works and what doesn’t, learn from mistakes and gradually approach the ideal system.”

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