Look at this MacBook. Such Apple is no longer delaetsa life in my hands visited dozens of pieces of Apple equipment and accessories. Some puzzling, but most brought joy and comfort.

Today I’m writing this on my MacBook Pro, iPhone lying next to X, and in the pocket languish AirPods: these gadgets combines extraordinary convenience and ease of use, right?

And that’s not true. I want to tell you about one feature of MacBook 10 years ago that few people remember.

Personally, I would not refuse this “killer-feature” even today.

10 years ago we could upgrade and repair the MacBook yourself, without tension

Imagine for a moment that your favorite MacBook is not enough space on the hard disk. Pictures, files, and projects consume your free memory and now you realize that to take the laptop with hard drive 128 GB was a big mistake.

What to do in this situation?

Outputs only two:

1. Sell the MacBook and buy another with a large volume SSD.

2. Contact the professionals with the Mitinsky market: the issue price will be around 20,000 rubles.

It is clear that the first option is energy-intensive, and the second simply threat — no guarantee on the quality of the replacement SSD nobody will give you.

Besides, in some MacBook Air replace hard drive impossible.

But in the MacBook it was in 2008-2009, the procedure for replacing the hard drive and even the battery could produce itself, thanks to a special removable cover.

Pulled tongue — flicked the cover — disconnected the HDD (or battery) — connect new — latched the lid. That’s it for a minute!

Looking for all-aluminum case of my MacBook, I nostalgically recall the form factor of the buildings of the old Apple laptops.

At what point Cupertinos refused it?

Since 2009, we slip a solid piece of aluminium

The first laptops with access to the hard disk and removable battery was shown on 14 October 2008, during the announcement of the MacBook Pro.

It was the first Apple laptops, whose body is machined from aluminum, not cast plastic. With this technology, MacBooks are thinner and stronger.

And in January 2009 Phil Schiller demonstrated a 17″ MacBook Pro with a matte screen and a removable battery. Holiday customize MacBook at home over.

Apple, but it’s convenient!

Yes, in the presence of direct hands and the necessary screwdrivers (as well as understanding differences in models of SSD) and today you can try to replace the hard drive in my MacBook. But better not, it’s a dangerous business.

About the battery and say nothing — modern MacBook it filled with glue at high, and only a few dare to replace this item at home, because it is inconvenient and generally fine.

Professionals do you remove battery from MacBook 2016

And we in the editorial now is the 2008 model. Click — and instead of the 160GB you have a 320 or even 500 GB to forget about the lack of memory forever.

It is clear that Apple needs to encourage sales of new gadgets, and the inability of self-replacement of components — one of these tools.

But hell, the possibility of independent replacement of the hard drive is so convenient!

It is a pity that 10 years ago Apple knew it. And today…


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