Apple is constantly looking for ways to make the MacBook keyboard better. The Corporation is considering many options, up to a virtual input device, reports AppleInsider.

Apple sent the approval of three patent applications relating to new keyboards for laptops. General the documents describes a “device with integrated interface system” and includes inventions, designed to improve the performance of the MacBook keyboard.

Apple is considering the possibility of creating a notebook in a transparent glass or plastic housing. Under the top layer will be located in the built-in sensors to detect the position of the fingers of the user, as well as the effect of depression.

In the same section may be a display designed to illuminate the keypad from underneath. Signature keys may vary depending on the selected language and character set. Absolutely flat surface will help to set the virtual keyboard with customizable by the owner, the layout of the keys and non-traditional elements such as sliders and dials. A slight vibration will allow you to understand down one or the other key.

Models in the MacBook, implying the presence of a physical keyboard, all keys are free region can act as a trackpad.

Models with a flat surface can be supplemented with a keyboard accessory that can be placed over the bottom part of the housing.

The third option does not provide for a waiver of physical keys. But the keyboard itself will be located almost flush with the body and covered with a flexible waterproof sealing material to protect the components of the keys from dust and dirt.

Apple often patent ideas even at the stage of occurrence of the concept. In the present application also describes biscevica keyboard. However, such a patent was already held by Apple in February 2018.

As with other inventions, it is unknown whether Apple plans to ever apply these innovations in practice.


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