The magazine Consumer Reports has studied the work of a powerful new MacBook Pro 2018, and came to the conclusion that their overheating is not unusual.

Did not have time to submit an updated Apple series MacBook Pro 2018 as on laptops was a barrage of criticism. Many users began to complain that the Core i9 in the process, it is heated very strongly. This leads to lower productivity, resulting in advanced model inferior in speed to the MacBook Pro of previous generations.

However, the staff of Consumer Reports I do not see anything unusual:

“This feature is characteristic for many processors created recently. I’d rather the system was equipped with a kind of regulator that would allow her to work longer, not just fry itself,” says Richard FISCO, programme Manager, testing, electronics Consumer Reports.

According to FISCO, for CPU no meta is worse than the body of the laptop. The small dimensions do not allow to place any effective system cooling.

Therefore, the magazine’s experts advise consumers to choose iMac Pro instead of MacBook Pro.

“If you absolutely need high performance and speed — for example, you are a programmer who regularly works with large data sets, or one who edits a huge amount of video high — resolution desktop high-class can be better than a powerful laptop,” reads the report.

Creating heavy-duty equipment manufacturers are forced to compromise. Apple had a choice: to release a version with a Core i9 or let buyers make their own decision about purchasing the product.

Unlike the nearest competitors, MacBook Pro 2018 weighs only 1.81 kg, and the thickness of its body is 1.52 cm. This makes it much more mobile than, for example, Acer Helios 500, height which when folded is almost 4 inches and weighs almost 4 pounds.


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