The problem in SSDS.

Apple alerted customers about being in MacBook Pro faulty SSDS. MacBook Pro sold from June 2017 to June 2018, can be installed low-quality SSDS that have an increased risk of breakage. In this regard, Apple has launched a replacement program SSD.

Apple said that MacBook Pro users are urged to change faulty SSDS, as breakage can lead to loss of all data. The company recommends that laptop users not to hesitate and seek a free replacement SSD.

What is the problem is Apple did not elaborate. It is assumed that several shipments of SSD-drives from the manufacturing partners of Apple was a marriage.

Previously, Apple reported a finding of marriage in some X iPhone. Smartphones with the defect can be partially or completely stop working display. Apple has also launched a program of free replacement of defective displays in iPhone X. to help you in all authorized service centers of the company.


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