12 July 2018, Apple introduced an updated series of MacBook Pro. Laptops got butterfly keyboard third generation, but it did not solve all problems, reports Cnet.

Apple representatives said that the major changes inherent in the new version of the keyboard, touch volume. Statements about what was the problem with the sticky keys, have been reported. However, perhaps Apple is silent about it is not just.

As you know, a lot of users who purchased a MacBook Pro 2016, submitted to the Corporation Tim cook to court. In their opinion, the company knew that the keyboard fails at the slightest dust. If the promotion of the new MacBook Pro Apple will be talking about Troubleshooting, it would mean that the Corporation recognizes not only the existence of the problem, but also its mass. That, in turn, could undermine the company’s position in the proceedings.

So Apple are unlikely to write that specifically changed the keyboard design, making it more reliable.

Users are left wondering about how design changes will affect the performance of the updated MacBook Pro. Perhaps the model 2018 can take a hit from under the keys, sand or big dust particles. In any case, new butterfly keyboard will be quieter, which is also an important argument in favor of buying for many laptop owners.


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