Since the release of the final version of macOS 10.14.4 enough time has passed, however, some innovations users found just now. It turned out that in update cupertinos increased maximum display brightness MacBook Air 2018 at 100 nits.

If your maximum screen brightness amounted to 300 nits, but now it has risen to 400 nits. One of the first of this innovation was written by a user of the popular online forum Reddit. He noticed that the cupertinos have updated display specifications MacBook Air 2018 on its website.

Technical support also confirmed this “update”. In this case the description of the new version of macOS, Apple mentioned only about adjusting the display brightness, the MacBook Air. Users do not expect that the cupertinos will decide to raise this value programmatically.

It should be noted that many users complained about the lack of display brightness MacBook Air 2018. Apparently, kupertinovtsy decided to correct this defect. Moreover, they prefer to do it “quietly”.


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