Developer and expert in the field of computer security, Jeff Johnson shared information about a new vulnerability found in macOS Mojave. According to available data it can give some applications access to the browser history and some other data Safari.

According to the specialist, initially access the browser history were just some of the standard apps. But Johnson found in the Mojave macOS bug that allows you to bypass this restriction. In fact, because of an error a third-party app can access user data without recourse to the security system device, or prompting the user.

While Johnson notes that the danger can only arise when using third-party programs and subsequent authorization in them. Therefore, we can say that the security of the system has suffered not too much.

According to the expert, the vulnerability appeared only in macOS Mojave and is present in several recent versions of the operating system. All the necessary data Johnson has already sent technical support at Apple, so in the near future cupertinos can release a small update to solve the problem.


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