In recent versions of macOS, Apple has replaced the function “Save as…” to “Duplicate”.

Now instead of having to select the location and specify the name of the file, the operating system creates a duplicate in the same folder with the ending of “copy” in the file name.

For many Mac users the ability to specify the name and location is important.

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to return the “cut” function.

Step 1: Click  > go to “System settings” > select “Keyboard”.

Step 2: Go to the tab “shortcut”.

Step 3: In the side menu, select “shortcut.”

Step 4: Click on “+”.

Step 5: In the program field, select “All programs” in menu – “Save as…”.

Step 6: Select any convenient key combination and click “Add”.

That’s about it. Now open the menu “File” the usual “Save as…” will be in place.


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