It was done due to the new route.

The main reason why many Russians prefer not to do shopping on AliExpress is a long waiting time. Purchased items often have to wait for 40 days, and sometimes more. Fortunately, through the efforts of “Mail of Russia” the situation with the delivery of goods from China is seriously changed. “Mail of Russia” has announced the launch of a new fast track route for the delivery of goods from China.

September 10 – “Mail of Russia” started to deliver a large portion of the parcels from China by a new route. Original packages are sent from Hong Kong to Vladivostok on the ferry. Then they are sent on journeys of “Mail of Russia” in post offices in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

Due to the new scheme of delivery of goods to small towns and the Eastern regions will be reduced from 40 days to 14 days from date of order. CEO AliExpress Liu Wei said that the new route will be about 40% of the total volume of parcels from an online store in Russia.

It is important to note that the new route will only send unregistered shipment. Often thus sent cheap goods, whose cost is less than $10-20. However, it is the goods of this price the Russians are buying more on AliExpress. Dear parcel, as before, will initially be shipped from China to Moscow.

Source: Mail Of Russia.


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